Volunteer Positions Description

These roles can require training, background checks, interview with Founder and Executive Director of Bochy's Place, a minimum of 4 hours of volunteer hours, host a gathering, and possible fundraising.
These roles will require application submission and background checks.


As a Mentoring you will be entering into a long term relationship where the focus is on the support, growth and development of the mentee or family member of Bochy’s Place. The mentor is a source of wisdom, teaching, and support, but not someone who observes and advises on specific actions or behavioral changes in daily work.

  1. A Mentor empowers to make positive choices.

  2. A mentor encourages to take ownership in their learning.

  3. A mentor helps develop life skills.

  4. A mentor helps develop core values.

  5. A mentor strengthens interpersonal skills and peer relationships.



Advocate works with the adjustment and development of the family member and, in some instances extended family members, towards total healing, restoration and freedom.

An advocate relationship is the interaction of attitudes and emotions between family member, mentor, counselor and Bochy’s Place executive director.  Problem solving is the intent behind every advocates process ensuring she is heard, cared for and nurtured. The advocate does not solve the problem for the family member, but helps her in the any situation to be equipped in solving or facing the problem adequately within the individual's weaknesses and strengths to the end of overall development. She is the liason between the family member and the support team.


Event & Community Coordinator

Event & Community Coordinator will help the family members of Bochy's Place stay involved in community events. This volunteer will

  1. Seek out a variety of community events to attend.

  2. Help administrators coordinate the house calendar.

  3. Handle registration for such events for the family members.


Cooking, Sewing, Organizing, Personal Improvement, etc.

This volunteer will coordinate with the house administration team to schedule classes for the family members. These classes can be seasonal or ongoing.



As a volunteer driver you will help drive the family members to and from any appointments,

job interviews, and school where required.


Seasonal Celebration Crafts

These volunteers will coordinate & schedule crafts and activities according to the season.



Resource volunteers help the family members of Bochy's Place to:

  1. Identify issues in their records.

  2. Assist in renewing drivers license

  3. Assist in school registration

  4. Assist in job applications