Our mission is not to try to patch up old life, we are not choosing to revive the old wine skin, instead we are going to offer a new life by faith in Jesus. Matthew 9:16, 17

Yesterday's ways; broken structures of life and forms of thinking & speaking are often incapable of handling today's dynamic spiritual renewal.

In Matthew 9:24, 25 Jesus said "...make room, for the girl is not dead, but sleeping....Jesus then took her by the HAND and the girl AROSE."

Therefore we will proceed further understanding THIS girl is not dead, she was just sleeping & we will expect and welcome The Holy Spirit to come and do the refining work that He brings & she will ARISE.

We will teach the new way of thinking, speaking, a new life to walk in and new ways to live which will bring radical transformation & new life to everything she touches.

As in Matthew 8:15 when Jesus healed the mother in law of Peter, Matthew testifies  when she was healed she AROSE & served them. When evening came, many who were sick were waiting outside their door after word had spread of the miracle that Jesus had performed and were all healed. The scripture shows us the blessing in the home will lead to a blessing in the community. We believe by this, the change in one woman's life will lead to miracles in the lives of many.

We believe as we help to rebuild these very broken girls, their healing and Resurrection of their lives will begin to bring change & blessings in their own communities & families.