Host Committee


  • Encourage their friends, family or colleagues to buy tickets

  • Set specific goals for VIP and general admission tables

  • Collect auction items from local businesses

  • Make vendor connections for door prizes or event catering


Host committee members are the actual host of event & invite the best guests, knows whom to call for the food or decor and connect Bochy’s Place with people that make the event a total success.


  • Volunteers who are highly engaged in the community

  • Has connections to local businesses

  • Has extensive contacts in ideal donor demographic

  • Volunteers who know vendors or venue owners to help acquire donations for the event.

  • Local or national celebrities who frequently advocate for your cause



Sponsor Committee


Sponsor committee members are the backbone of the event. This committee is charged with helping to fund the cost of the event so that 100% of funds raised in ticket sales, auction items and donations will be used directly towards the building of the safe house. In addition, this committee will have the option to continue efforts to help underwrite the cost of building safe-house. 



  • Connect Bochy’s Place with potential sponsors for the fundraiser event.

  • Help to secure the set target goal of sponsorship dollars to underwrite the event

  • Set specific goals for major sponsorship with local vendors and contractors to assist in the building and furnishing & opening of the safe-house. 



Marketing Committee


Marketing committees often go hand-in-hand with fundraising committees because it’s difficult to raise funds if no one knows the nonprofit exists. Marketing committees create awareness of the good work that Bochy’s Place is doing by creating & supporting marketing campaigns, promoting events, creating advertising and posting on social media platforms.


  • Encourage their friends, family or colleagues to buy tickets

  • Encourage following, friends and family to get involved with Bochy’s Place efforts

  • Ensure all marketing material are created, approved and set up to expose Bochys Place and all its efforts at the event

  • Learn the history and vision of Bochy’s Place to be available to discuss with guests and answer questions at stations around event. 

  • Positioned as “ambassadors” of Bochy’s Place to the community

  • Help expose Bochy’s Place by connecting us to local events, bible studies, churches, organizations so that the leadership can come speak on awareness of human trafficking and the work being done at Bochys Place. 


Steering Committee


The Steering committee will work with the organization’s leadership & volunteer groups. The groups which usually take on and totally produce Night In White Benefit Gala, Bochy’s League campaigns and boutique fundraisers to offer direct support and encouragement.


Suggested Agenda For Regular Meetings Of The Steering Committee


(A) Set policies, priorities & goals for fundraising programs for the current fiscal year

(B) Review in detail the ongoing performance of each particular campaign activity

    — Evaluate to original objectives to determine if “on track”

    — Make comparisons with previous years, where applicable

    — Introduce modifications and adjustments

(C) Review overall performance -vs- objectives

    — Determine reasons for campaigns not meeting goals

    — Provide reasons why campaigns exceeded goals

(D) Identify and rate all prospects for support

(E) Recruit key volunteer leaders and solicitors